ICESN has been organizing multiple conferences, forums and summits in the region to promote the adoption of green, renewable energy resources for energy generation and will be organizing the 3rd Annual BIOGAS ASIA PACIFIC FORUM in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the 02 – 04 June 2014.

As energy security concerns push governments from all over Asia to seek more renewable and sustainable sources of energy supplies, biogas development takes the frontline as gas infrastructure in Asia allows biogas to be quickly incorporated into the energy supply chain.

Governments in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and many others in the region have in place programs, or are putting together programs that can encourage the growth of the biogas industry within their respective countries and much financial aid from multi-lateral financial institutions including the ADB, IFC, USAID, GIZ and others are pouring into the region to finance that growth.

However, many more challenges need to be solved before biogas can reach a critical mass that can take a life of its own and there is a need for coordinated information sharing and technology transfer, research and development. 

For more information, download the postshow report here


Based on the experiences of our previous events, we have added a couple of features for 2014. These include:

  • Open Exhibition to Industry Participants

Some executives simply do not have the time to sit through 2 days of conference, so we are making it free for pre-registered guests to attend the exhibition to catch up on the latest technologies.

  • Tier Pricing

To make sure that you meet more clients, we are make it more enticing for project owners, ie. Plantations; Waste Water Treatment Plants, Agriculture Plantations/Farm; Animal Husbandry; Municipal Waste; Landfills; to attend! We have introduced a special tiered pricing programme for the Biogas Asia Pacific Forum 2014. Executives from the above industries only pay USD 350 to attend the conference.

  • Pre-Show Biogas Roundtables

Greater effort is made this year to bring together a more regional audience. We will be organizing a series of smaller roundtables in the region in Thailand and Indonesia. Early participation as a sponsor will also give you the branding exposure in these two countries during the roundtables. 

  • VIP Invitation Programme

Got a client you really value or a client that you really want to convince to take up a biogas project? Let other end-users convince him through our VIP Invitation Programme. Sponsors get to nominate 2 VIP clients to the conference that will not only be attending the conference for free, we will be sponsoring 2 nights’ accommodation at the official hotel for your guests. Sponsors also get to invite up to another 5 clients for free to the conference.

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