2nd Biogas Asia Pacific Forum | 12 - 14 June 2013 | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The ever energy hungry world demands ever more energy resources, and the world is being hard-pressed to feed it. It needs to find renewable resources that will be able to economically and effectively feed itself into existing infrastructure to drive the machines of modern industry and society.

Asia is looking to Biogas as a possible sustainable fuel of the future. Are you?

Gas infrastructure for power generation and transportation has been rapidly developing for over a decade in Asia, fuelled by rising oil prices and abundant gas supplies. However, even as governments rush to exploit gas fields and build LNG terminals, prudent energy security planning involves building on the development of a more sustainable, replenishing source of gas: biogas.

The Biogas Asia Pacific Forum seeks to join the stakeholders in the biogas development chain from governments, to industry, to equipment suppliers in a platform to discuss, debate and gain access to opportunities to further the growth of the biogas industry and deliver a more commercial, sustainable form of gas supply. Don’t miss out!