ICESN is an international network of renewable energy stakeholders who regularly exchange information about technological innovation and changes. In addition to receiving updates on the latest regulation changes in individual countries, ICESN stakeholders also Endeavour to build successful business models in the clean energy market.

Value Proposition

  • Develop your roadmap from Procurement to Construction so that you can realize an cost effective offshore wind farm in Asia.
  • Great meeting platform for key stakeholders of the offshore wind industry to develop business opportunities in Asia Pacific.
  • Receive updates on offshore wind technology and discover how you can apply them to your business in 2012
  • Discover why offshore wind will be a sustainable solution in Asia and how it will affect your future renewable energy business

 Why you should be here !!

  • Review valuable case studies from world leading offshore wind farm developers.
  • Gain an overview of Asia’s offshore wind technology development.
  • Learn about viable foundation design and installation techniques from successful offshore wind farms
  • Develop your risk assessment skills when planning your offshore wind farm in Asia Meet Asia’s key offshore stakeholders
  • Overcome logistical and supply chain challenges when planning offshore wind farm construction
  • Be impressed by new cost effective technology that will enable the minimization of deep water construction failure
  • Receive Asia’s most updated information in the offshore wind technology market and discover business opportunities




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