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The International Clean Energy and Sustainability Network (ICESN) connects and drives clean energy and sustainability businesses through its series of high-profile events and publications for industry professionals.ICESN tracks the developments of the industry and has its events created to support and facilitate growth of the green and sustainable economy. Its unique platform offers industry professionals opportunities to debate matters of importance, network with peers and advance national agendas in addressing to the increasing demands to power urbanization through clean energy.ICESN provides an enriching and rewarding framework for industry decision makers from business, government, finance and non-governmental organizations through its array of features that include conferences, summits, trainings and networking receptions.For more information, please go to .

台灣風能協會,由工業技術研究院結合台灣風力發電相關業者、機構及人員發起,於2006 年1 月10 日正式成立,為世界風能協會會員(WWEA)之ㄧ。第一屆理事長由工研院副院長曲新生博士擔任,第二、三屆理事長由東元電機公司劉兆凱董事長擔任,第四屆理事長則由工研院綠能與環境研究所所長童遷祥博士擔任.

Taiwan Wind Energy Association is founded at January 10th, 2006 by Industrial Technology Research Institute, and other companies, institutes and personnel in the industry of wind power generation in Taiwan. TwnWEA is also a member of WWEA. The first chairman of the board of director is the vice president of Industrial Technology Research Institute, Dr. Hsin Sen Chu. The second and third chairman is the chairman of TECO Electric and Machinery CO., LTD, Chao-Kai Liu. The fourth chairman is the general director of Green Energy and Environment Research Laboratories at ITRI, Dr. Chiang-Hsiung Tong. Taiwan Wind Energy Association, a non-profit organization, mainly integrates the relevant agencies or personnel in wind business, to promote and develop wind energy applications. As a service platform, we found cooperation for all kinds of support by combining key resources, build relationship in field, and enhance the competitiveness of wind power industry for the purpose.

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ACORE, a 501(c)(3) non-profit membership organization, is dedicated to building a secure and prosperous America with clean, renewable energy. ACORE seeks to advance renewable energy through finance, policy, technology, and market development and is concentrating its member focus in 2012 on National Defense & Security, Power Generation & Infrastructure, and Transportation. Additional information is available at

The International Association for Wind Engineering promotes international co-operation among scientists, engineers and other professionals for advancement of knowledge in wind engineering. This includes the mitigation of damage caused by storms which are responsible, for a large amount, of the human casualties and economic losses that the world suffers every year from natural events, wind modelling and wind climate, bluff-body aerodynamics and computational fluid dynamics, wind tunnel and full-scale tests, the wind-excited and aeroelastic behaviour of towers, skyscrapers, bridges and any structure whose safety and serviceability depends on wind, pollutant dispersion, fire spreading, sand erosion and snow drift, land planning strategies related to wind.

The IPPF is a global non-profit industry support organization mandated by its members to work toward best practices in the Power Generation industry across the Asia / Pacific region.
The IPPF is governed by a pro-active Executive Committee and Secretariat working in tandem with committee chairs to achieve the goals set forth in our Mission and Vision Statements.
Our growing presence in North America, Europe and the Gulf is simply a reinforcement of our Asian focus as we bring to bear global awareness and concentration on development and investment opportunities across Asia by power / energy decision-makers from around the world. We are an active catalyst for positive change and a facilitator for deal-flow.

Frost &  Sullivan,  the  Growth  Partnership  Company,  enables clients to accelerate growth and achieve best-in-class positions in growth, innovation and  leadership.  The company's Growth Partnership Service provides the CEO and the CEO’s Growth  Team  with  disciplined research and best-practice models  to drive the generation, evaluation, and implementation of powerful growth strategies.  Frost  &  Sullivan leverages 50 years of experience in partnering   with  Global  1000  companies,  emerging  businesses  and  the investment  community  from more than 40 offices on six continents. To join our Growth Partnership, please visit

Taiwan Wind Turbine Industry Association (TWTIA) was officially founded on Apr. 2012 for the purpose of facilitating the development of wind power industry in Taiwan. It is a lawful non-for-profit organization. Its purpose is to combine personnel from industry, academia and research institutions and personnel together to promote wind power industry development strategy, to provide information and technical exchanges, to actively promote industrial vertical and horizontal integration, and thus to enhance wind-power industry in Taiwan and its ability to compete with the rest of the world.

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Asian Power is the definitive bimonthly publication for the power generation, transmission and distribution industry in the Asia-Pacific region. It targets senior management decision makers as well as engineers and middle managers. 92% of Asian Power readers recommend, specify or have the final authority for purchasing power-related products, equipment and services.

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Asia Monitor is internationally recognised as providing essential information for anyone doing business in, or with, Asia.  The publication provides subscribers with systematic political risk assessment, economic forecasts and business analysis for every country across the region.

Published by Business Monitor International, the emerging market specialists, Asia Monitor is broken down into four sub regional publications, of which any combination can be subscribed to.  The Asia Monitor website includes ALL the content from the publications, a 24-month archive, and gives the added flexibility of exploring that content by country, topic or keyword.

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China Wind Power Industry Website is an integrated information platform in Wind Power Industry, developed and operated by Nanjing Erising New Energy Resources Corporation, Ltd. The website went live in 2007, and till now it has become one of the most professional and influential platform in the wind power industry, as Erising New Energy has abundant information sources, wide social network and the
proficient use of all kinds of network media technologies. For more information, please visit the website . is the leading online platform for Asia Pacific’s cleantech & sustainable business community. publishes the largest selection of sustainable business news, features and expert opinion for the APAC region – covering Clean Energy, Smart Grids, Green Buildings, Transport & Logistics, Lean Manufacturing & Supply Chain, CSR, Waste, Water, Food & Agriculture, Carbon, Urban Development, Eco-cities, and SRI. also provides members of the APAC green business community with free services including: company & product directories, green jobs board, events calendar, project listing, case study showcase, partner & investor linking, research library, guaranteed press release publication & social media marketing.

EIN News is the world leader in industry focused online news monitoring. Thousands of leading companies, institutions and global professionals from business, industry, and government rely on EIN News as an indispensable resource. Our systems continuously scan the web, indexing news from thousands of worldwide sources. The news you need is then organized by advanced software systems managed by a team of professional news editors. Everything we do is focused on streamlining your news searches and research in order to save you time and money.

Energy Business News is a website and twice-weekly newsletter delivering up to date and breaking news on the Australian and New Zealand energy sectors.
EBN covers developments in the renewable and traditional energy sectors – from gas fired power to tidal energy and wind and geothermal – as well as reporting on regulatory and political developments and the latest research.
The Australasian energy sector is rapidly changing due to booming demand but also regulatory changes which are hastening the shift to renewable power sources. EBN covers this comprehensively in bite-sized stories which are essential reading for anyone interested in this crucial sector.
EBN is building its readership and attracted more than 5000 visits and 15,000 page views per month in the second half of 2011 and will reach even more readers in 2012.

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Oxford Business Group (OBG) is a global publishing, research and consultancy firm, which publishes economic intelligence on the markets of Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. OBG offers comprehensive analysis of macroeconomic and sectoral developments, including banking, capital markets, energy, infrastructure, industry and insurance. OBG’s acclaimed economic and business reports are the leading source of local and regional intelligence, while OBG’s online economic briefings provide up-to-date in-depth analysis. OBG’s consultancy arm offers tailor-made market intelligence and advice to firms operating in these markets and those looking to enter them.

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